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Montenegro is a country of contrasts and its old royal capital was for a long time epicentre of them. This provide us with a lot of gems of unique value. The rich history, combined with specific geological position makes the nature generous towards its inhabitants as they live in the nearness of two national parks with totally different eco systems, Historical heritage is of unique charm and indistinctiveness so you will surely leave with unforgettable memories.  

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Don't Miss Out!
Skadar Lake National Park
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Centuries and layers of mysteries

Brutalist heritage architecture

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Situated between the capitalist West and the socialist East, Yugoslavia’s architects responded to contradictory demands and influences, developing a post-war architecture - Brutalist.

Njegusi village

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The village of Njegusi is not just known as the native village of the famous Petar II Petrovic Njegos, where his birth-home exists even today and it is open for visitors, Explore more.


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A place to remember! Wonderful vista of the town surroundings and enchanting Skadar Lake. There is a restaurant which offers traditional menu and great terrace with fresh air.

Regina Ellena's Home

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The greatness of rule of King Nikola was shown in the strong relations with great states of Europe of the era. His daughter Jelena married the king of Italy and became Queen Elena of Savoy.

Lovcen serpentines


32 serpentines separate the town of Kotor from this completely different world. Today, this is one of the most scenic roads in whole country. These views will remain in your memory permanently.

Dado in Bobur


The greatness of Dado was recognized in France during his life and he was represented with his works in permanent collection of Bobur. Recently the officials of Bobur paid tribute to Dado.

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