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Njegoš's Mausoleum

On Jezerski vrh itself (1660 m) at the request of Peter II Petrovic Njegoš, a chapel was built during his lifetime. The bequest to rest in it was fulfilled by prince Danilo, who, together with the most prominent Montenegrins, carried his remains to the top, to the realm of lightning. But lightning was not the only thing that disturbed the bishop's eternal sleep...

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Jezerski vrh was the target first of the Turks, and then of the Austrians, who razed the chapel to the ground in 1916. A new one was built in 1925, but the idea of building a more monumental monument was born, according to the project of the sculptor Ivan Meštrovic. The mausoleum was opened in 1974. In order to reach it, you have to travel twenty kilometers from Cetinje, and then climb the stairs, overcoming 461 steps. And that trip, pilgrim, is a special experience. At the entrance to the chapel, the central part of the building, there are two monumental figures of Montenegrin women made of black granite, like caryatids. Inside, six lateral and central niches made of Bokele and Brac marble. Vault covered with a mosaic of 200,000 gilded tiles. The seated figure of Njegoš, with an open book, is also the work of Ivan Meštrović. Bishop Rade's marble sarcophagus is simple, with a carved cross and state coat of arms, symbols of spiritual and secular authority.

The Genius of Meštrović

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