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National Park Skadar Lake

The largest lake in the Balkans and also the only national park dominated by water and wetland ecosystems. The northern marshy coast (about 20,000 ha) provides ideal conditions for the development of wildlife, especially for the life of birds. 281 species of birds live, nest, winter or migrate on the Lake. This gives this area more importance.

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Wild Beauty

The Lake has the status of an Area of International Importance for the Habitat of Birds (IBA) and is on the world list of aquatic habitats of international importance (RAMSAR). 48 species of fish, 50 species of mammals (the only aquatic representative is the otter), numerous amphibians, reptiles and insects live in the Park. There is a variety of plant life both in the Lake itself and in its surroundings, and in the summer months the meadows of water lilies and water chestnuts can stretch for kilometers. Lake Skadar has a rich history and culture, as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites, medieval monasteries and churches, fortifications and folk architecture (fishing villages, old bridges, mills and wells).

Special nature reserves:

-  Monastery deed
-  Pancha's eye
-  Black embers

Ticket price:

– 4 euros (from 7 years)

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