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City Parks

Together with "Vladicina basta" (Bishop's Garden), the Summer Stage, the old stadium (old playground) and the slopes of the Orlov krs, they represent an inseparable segment of the existing monumental and ambient values and an integral part of the Historic Center... This will allow you to walk in the very centre, around main attractions in the pleasant shades.

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The Bishop's Garden and the Teacher's Sanctuary, located in the delta of the former Cetina River, were an integral part of Ćipur, that is, the area of the Cetina Monastery, until the construction of the underpass. The entire area was undeveloped and forested, while the rows of trees between Ćipur, Biljarda, Manastir and the Bishop's garden were planted later. In the immediate vicinity of King Nikola's Palace, in the period between 1891 and 1894, two city parks with elements of garden architecture were arranged. Thus, the Palace Park was designed in the French style, and the City Park in the English style, with a total area of 7 ha. They are separated by Njegošova street.

Beautiful shade of old trees

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