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Ivanova korita

Lovćen National Park is recognizable by its natural and cultural-historical characteristics. It is located at the junction of two climatic zones, continental and Mediterranean, which has caused the development of a rich living world with numerous endemics. Ivanova korita is in the middle height of mountain Lovćen and represents the green oasis for lot of activities.

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National Park Lovćen

Among the 1,300 plant species, which make up 1/3 of the total Montenegrin flora, there are many endemic, relict, medicinal, aromatic and honey-bearing ones.

The area of the Park is the habitat of many animal species, with numerous endemic and relic forms. In addition to mammals (wolf, bear, boar, fox, roe deer, rabbit, white-breasted hedgehog, Montenegrin vole, etc.), there are numerous other animal groups here, about 200 species of birds, 11 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 85 species of butterflies, 100 species of ants, 45 species of flower flies, 10 species of bark beetles, etc. Cultural heritage is characterized by memorial monuments, churches, folk architecture and old roads. The mausoleum of the Montenegrin ruler and poet P.II P.Njegoš is located on Jezerski vrh (1657m above sea level). Lovcen serpentines are part of the old caravan route from Kotor to Njeguš. There are numerous churches of simple architecture, as well as traditional buildings (stone houses with porches, guvna, suvomedje, ublovi and bistijerna).

National Park have five zones with a special regime of use and management:

-  Munika pine forest reserve (at the foot of Štirovnik and Jezerski vrh)
-  Forest reserve of beech, cetium and rare foxes (space between

   Jezerski vrh, Štirovnik, Treštenice vrh, Babnjak and Goliš)
-  Beech forest reserve (Konjsko)
-  Pine tree forest reserve (space between Rupa and Blatište at about 1,100m asl)
-  Herpetological reserve (Lake below Jezerski vrh)


2 EUR (from 7 years)

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