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Pilgrim Sites

The most significant and most representative cultural and historical value of the National Park is characterized by monasteries from the reign of Balšić and Crnojević dinasties (XIV and XV century), as well as fortification complexes from the period of Ottoman domination. Specific folk architecture - old rural units, individual examples of fishing and residential buildings, stone bridges...


Religious Heritage


Diverse and rich cultural heritage: arch-ecological sites, fortifications, medieval monasteries, churches...

Lake's Monasteries


Skadar Lake has been an important historical, economic and cultural habitat over time. There are 300 monasteries...

Icon of Filermosa

Discover the movielike story about this mysterious icon which travelled whole Europe through wars to arrive at Cetinje.

Local Churches

00 Churches.jpg

Obod church is only one of the many local religious temples rebuilt in 1743. There is iconostasis of Djinovski family...

Ivan Crnojević's Monastery established in 1484. 

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