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National Cuisine

Every man in Montenegro, since he opens his eyes, looks at the mountains. Bare and forested, rugged and flattened, covered in snow and green, rich in water and arid, fertile and barren. If you know where someone lives, you will also know what they eat. Cuisine obeys the wonderful relief of the Montenegro  and takes what nature generously offers.

Mountain Cuisine
Lake Cuisine
Seaside Cuisine

Mountain Cuisine


Thanks to the juicy and rich pastures, the dairy products and meat of the 

mountains of the central region are a real generator of vital energy. In the virgin purity of the wild mountain slopes of Lovcen and the wind that blows here, one of the best cheeses in the world is made, which together with the famous Lovcen prosciutto makes an unforgettable combination. In the summer Lovcen is full of seasonal fruit such as strawberries.

Lake Cuisine


Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans, is also a great fish treasure,

home to 48 species of fish. Carp, 1 to 7 kilograms in size, and small flounder, which are caught in large quantities and therefore dry, are the most commonly caught. Lake cuisine specialties are carp in a pan, prepared with prunes, apples and quinces, carp baked on onions, eel on rice, grilled eel...  Smoked carp is especially appreciated, and the tastes are remembered for a long time.

Seaside Cuisine


The virtue of coastal cuisine is Mediterranean moderation.

It rests on cereals, fish and olives. Lettuce, onions, rocket, chard are sown in small shallow holes, tomatoes and cucumbers, vines are planted, and potatoes and cereals are planted in valleys high up in the mountains. Starting in September, olives are bought and squeezed under a press, cold pressing, and extra virgin olive oil of a strong taste and smell, is obtained.

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