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Žabljak Crnojevića

One of the most beautiful places and the exciting small fortress on the top of the hill where one can spot enemies coming from miles around. The place is surrounded by local cemetery, small church and village houses of the people who live with the lake and by the lake. Mysterious atmoshphere and beautiful scenery are characteristic of this beautiful place. 

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Medieval Fortress -
the Capital of Crnojević

It was founded in the 10th century by the Vojislavljevici princes of Zeta, for military purposes. According to assumptions, the army of despot Stefan Nemanjić stayed in it. As it became the capital in the 15th century, fierce battles began around and for the Žabljak fortress. At that time, it was a "town" with 300 houses, at the mouth of the Morača River into Lake Skadar, with developed trade, an important economic and trade center. The ruler Ivan Crnojević, who was in power from 1465-1490, fought battles with the Turks until 1479, when the fortress fell into Turkish slavery.

And it will remain for almost four full centuries. In the city, the Turks turned the castle of Crnojević into a barracks, while the church of St. Ðord turned into a mosque, and later a school was built there. Only one heavy, iron gate led to the city itself. Today, the fortress consists of ramparts up to 15 meters high and two meters wide, with six towers. Over the centuries it was remodeled. Turkish partitions can be recognized by the careless way of masonry, and the older parts of the ramparts and the semicircular tower were built with pressed stone in lime mortar. The newer parts have features of Venetian masonry.

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