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Culture & Heritage

If you would like to get to know Montenegro, to understand its people who are on a first name basis with you after the first handshake, you should first visit Cetinje. There you will understand and feel what the Montenegrin is made of. Cetinje is a treasury of priceless Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage.


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Cetinje is called the city of Museums. The Palace - the King Nikola Museum, then Njegos Museum Biljarda, the Art Museum of Montenegro features precious relics from the long state history. 

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Monasteries & Churches


At the foot of Orlov krs, where the Court of Ivan Crnojevic, founder of Cetinje used to stand, there is the Cetinje Monastery which houses some of the greatest Christian relics. 

Modern Gallery Dado


Dado was born in Cetinje and he was one of the most prominent representatives of figurative art in the 20th century. His works are kept in many museums all over the world.

Atelier Dado


Gallery "Atelier Dado" was founded in 2002 as a place for promotion of contemporary tendencies in art. Programs are structured in various levels which include local and international art.



The original chapel on the mountaintop of Lovcen (Jezerski vrh), where Njegos was buried as he wished, was destroyed in 1916 by Austrian army. At its place now there is a beautiful Mausoleum.

Cultural Events


Whether you are in need of personal vacation or you are part of group, travel agencies will organize your trip in the best possible of the ways in order to get the fullest experience. 



Cultural heritage of Montenegro is very rich and mirrors all main religions. Numerous places are available for tourists to explore, especially in the region of Skadar lake which is 9km from Cetinje.

Forest Road

Three museums for time travel experience

King Nikola's Palace
Njegos's Residence
National Museum

Layers of Centuries 

Picture yourself leisurely enjoying the wonders of nature. Picture yourself taking your time and exploring Lovcen woods, valleys, rivers and lakes. Picture yourself discovering a fresh sense of balance and well-being as you walk in the mountains, relax on the snow or sit and savour a glass of sparkling Skadar Lake region wine. With its stunning blend of natural marvels, culture and traditions, Cetinje can offer all of this in the heart of the Montenegro, where the vistas to one of the Europe most beautifal fjords in Boka Kotorska, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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