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Gastro routes

You can go after the footsteps of the old Montenegrins to the Old Royal MNE Trails route that will take you the very heart of the centre of this centuries old state. An unforgettable part of Cetinje is Rijeka Crnojevića, a picturesque little town, named after the river that runs through it, which is located on the west shore of Skadar Lake, 16km from the city centre.   


The villages in Montenegro


The pleasant shade in the village, the forest brooks and freshwater springs make the summer heat more enjoyable, as does the traditional produce from this area. The hardworking locals have been growing the autochthonous variety of Vranac vine for centuries.

Traditional wineries


Across almost every kilometre of this wine-rich gorge there are the well-known wine cellars of Rakcevic, Lipovac and others, where you can taste these top-quality wines. A "Wine and Bleak Festival" is held every December in the small nearby Virpazar to promote wine and other local products. 

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