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Vladin Dom

At the time of the proclamation of Montenegro as a kingdom, on August 15, 1910, work was completed on the monumental building of the Montenegrin Parliament - the "Government House". The luxurious building in the style of baroque and renaissance is located in a very attractive location of the old urban core - in the area between Njegoš's "Billiard" and the hill of Medovina.

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Corradini's master-piece

On the main facade, above the massive balcony, next to the city clock, refined decorative plastic stands out. The building is a masterpiece of the Italian architect Corradini, who is the author of several other buildings in the garden. The rectangular dimensions of the building measuring 66 x 52 meters, with an internal atrium measuring 39 x 36 meters, made this magnificent building the largest in Montenegro in its time. About 7,000 square meters of interior space served, in addition to the function of the seat of the Montenegrin government and the Assembly, and the work of many other institutions - post and telegraph, printing house, temporary theatre... Today, the National Museum of Montenegro is located in the Government House.

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